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#4gayboyz is a channel on IRC's DALnet server chain, devoted to providing a safe haven for gay boys of all ages who are tired of all of the sex and perversion that abounds on IRC.

Here, boys are respected and treated as human beings, rather than as sex objects to be cybered with and harassed by users there only for their own amusement or sexual gratification.

The rules of our channel are quite simple, being a blend of common sense and good taste. We hope to make your visit a pleasant one, free from all the aggravations of IRC, and one you will wish to repeat, time and time again.

Note: Click on "Rules" at the top, for the "User Guideline"s and the "Kicks & Bans" regulations.

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4GB Turns 7! >> That's right..#4gayboyz officially turns 7 in 2008! Come and join us in the chatroom and be a part of the fun!

The Store is Open! >> Check out the link to the right and visit the 4GB online store! All the top name designers have submitted their ideas (that's a lie) and we are now bringing them to you..the general public (another lie, but there really ARE some cool items to buy!)

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Want to know just "how gay" you really are? Well we've made it easy for you to find out and have some fun at the same time...just test yourself using The Gay Meter!

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